Knee Surgery

Elbow Fracture

Intercondylar fractures (the most common type of elbow fractures) are T or Y shaped fractures with varying displacement between the condyles and the humerus (bone of the upper arm).

They are the result of a direct (falling directly onto the elbow) or indirect blow (landing on the wrist with the arm locked out straight) to the elbow where the olecranon (the bony point of the elbow) is forced as a wedge between the two condyles of the humerus.

Injuries and fractures of the elbow are common and are often accompanied by injury to the shoulder or wrist joints. The joint can easily fracture if you experience a direct blow to the elbow or fall on a bent elbow.

Surgery is recommended as the best course of action following an elbow fracture, especially if there is evidence of nerve or vascular involvement.

Complex fractures require open reduction and internal fixation.

Please find below information on elbow fractures, what to expect prior to and during surgery as well as post surgery recovery information.

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