Elbow Intercondylar Fracture Post Surgery Information

Following surgery to treat an elbow fracture, the elbow may be splinted or casted for a short period of time. A sling may be worn in if it provides comfort.

Pain medications will be administrated. In addition to these you will usually be hooked up to an intravenous patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) device which delivers pain relief in controlled amounts at the push of a button.

It is expected you will remain in hospital for one to two days. Discharge from hospital will be dependant on pain levels and management.

The wound will be checked prior to discharge and a follow up appointment to see Professor Al Muderis in his room 10 -14 days post surgery will be made.


A physiotherapist will prescribe an exercise program to help strengthen the joint and the surrounding muscles and tendons. Motion exercises should begin shortly after surgery, sometimes even the next day depending on pain levels.

Following surgery you are restricted from lifting with the injured arm for six weeks. In the early days following surgery it is not uncommon not to be able to straighten the injured elbow and the uninjured arm may be needed to help assist.

Full recovery from an elbow fracture requires diligence and commitment to the rehabilitation exercise program prescribed by the physiotherapist.  Success following elbow fracture surgery largely depends on the level of commitment given to the rehabilitation program.


Concerns: Please contact the office if you are worried about your level of pain, have significant bleeding or have fever or redness around the surgical site.

If you require assistance after hours, please contact the hospital where the surgery was performed and they will contact Professor Al Muderis on your behalf. 

Norwest Private Hospital: (02) 8882 8882

Sydney Adventist Hospital: (02) 9487 9111

Macquarie University Hospital: (02) 9812 3000