Minimally Invasive Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

There are a number of different approaches used when performing hip joint arthroplasty. To date there is no compelling evidence in the literature to show one particular approach is vastly superior over the other, but consensus of professional opinion favours either the posterior approach or the modified anterio-lateral approach (direct-anterior approach).

The key defining feature of minimally invasive hip surgery compared with traditional hip surgery is the surgical approach taken. In minimally invasive hip surgery the surgeon does not have to cut muscles to access the hip.

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

  • Anterior means to surgically approach from the front of the hip joint instead of lateral (side) or posterior (back)
  • Muscles do not need to be cut or detached from the pelvis or femur
  • Recovery from Anterior Hip Replacement surgery is much quicker than recovery from traditional hip replacement surgery
  • Less post-operative pain than traditional hip replacement surgery
  • Return to daily activities faster compared to traditional hip replacement surgery
  • Suitability to this approach is subjective