Tibial Spine Fracture Information

The intercondylar eminence, or tibial spine, is a structure of the tibia (shinbone). It lies between the articular areas of the proximal tibia (the top of the bone which articulates with the knee). The spine sits between two prominent tubercles.

The spine or intercondylar eminence separates the medial and lateral condyle of the tibia and it is this intercondylar area where the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) attaches to the tibia.  

Fracture of the tibial spine is an unusual injury and not commonly seen. Cycling and high impact sports are generally the cause of such a fracture. The anterior spine (front) is fractured more commonly than the posterior (back).



Treatment of a tibial spine fracture often requires surgery but the procedure will vary according to the classification type of the fracture.

A tibial spine fracture is classified according to the Meyers and McKeever Classification system:

  • Type I: Nondisplaced
  • Type II: Minimally displaced with intact posterior hinge
  • Type III: Completely displaced


Types I and II and can be treated with casting but if they are more severe they will require surgery.

Severe Types I and II and Type III are commonly operated on arthroscopically or with an open reduction.