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Humanitarian Work

Ambassadorship for "Unbroken" Project in Ukraine 

In February 2023, Al Muderis assumed the role of ambassador for the “Unbroken” project in Ukraine. This appointment came after he led an Australian medical team in performing over 20 highly intricate limb reconstructions and prosthetic operations at the hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv.

Returning to Iraq to Make a Difference 

Funding these missions from his own resources, Munjed has embarked on seven journeys to his native Iraq.

These trips are dedicated to assisting the victims of the conflict he had fled, and he plays a pivotal role in educating fellow orthopaedic surgeons in the specialized osseointegration technique and complex limb reconstruction.

In 2023, he revisited Iraq and provided care to over 150 patients.

Championing Human Rights with Amnesty International 

Munjed is deeply committed to championing human rights and has been instrumental in advancing this cause through his collaboration with Amnesty International. 

Notably, he took the lead in delivering the 2015 Human Rights Lecture. He has been a vocal advocate on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers, using various public speaking engagements and lectures as platforms to raise awareness about their plight.


Australian Red Cross Ambassador

In 2015, Munjed assumed the role of an Australian ambassador for the Red Cross. Within this capacity, he has worked tirelessly to dispel misconceptions surrounding asylum-seeking in Australia.

His efforts included participating in a panel discussion during a live screening of the SBS program “Go Back To Where You Came From,” all aimed at fostering a more compassionate and empathetic community.


A Patron of the Asylum Seekers Centre

Munjed has served as a patron for the Asylum Seekers Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing both personal and practical support to individuals seeking asylum in Australia.

Extending Compassion to Cambodian Patients

On September 20, 2015, Al Muderis visited patients at the Children’s Surgical Centre in Cambodia. During this visit, he administered osseointegration procedures to enhance the lives of these patients.

Contribution to Asylum and Refugee Policy 

Munjed actively participated in a high-level round table discussion on asylum and refugee policy at Parliament House on July 11, 2014. This event ultimately gave rise to the influential report “Beyond The Boats: forging a sustainable asylum and refugee policy.” During these discussions, he drew on his own experiences as a refugee, contributing to the exploration of a fresh perspective on asylum seeker policy.

Read the report here.

Beyond the boats