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Welcome to Professor Munjed Al Muderis's No 'Out-of-Pocket' Expenses Surgery Program

Improving Orthopaedic Surgery for Your Well-Being

About Our Program

Professor Munjed Al Muderis is delighted to introduce the No ‘Out-of-pocket’ Expenses Surgery Program, an innovative approach to a variety of procedures, including primary hip and knee joint replacement, and tailored for eligible patients under private health insurance. The program gives eligible patients peace of mind with no out-of-pocket costs from hospital admission through to discharge and post-surgery rehab.

The vision of this program is to make quality healthcare more affordable to as many Australians as possible, avoiding unnecessary costs.

The program is available at Macquarie University Hospital and East Sydney Private Hospital.

To find out if you are eligible for the program, contact our team here.

Key Features

  • No Out-of-pocket Costs: Eligible patients can enjoy the peace of mind with no out-of-pocket costs for surgeon or anaesthetic fees throughout their joint replacement journey.
  • Shortened Hospital Stay: Our program ensures a shorter hospital stay up to three nights, allowing you to recover in the comfort of your home sooner.
  • Comprehensive Support: Engage early with physiotherapists and nursing staff in the hospital. Most patients are back on their feet the same day of surgery, and our in-home physiotherapy, along with support via phone or video from the hospital’s nursing staff, facilitates a speedy recovery.

The No-Gap Joints Advantage

  • Accessible to More Australians: By removing surgical out-of-pocket costs, joint replacement surgery becomes more accessible to everyday Australians.
  • Proven Benefits to Well-being: Enhanced recovery at home has numerous proven benefits to patients’ well-being.

Your well-being is at the forefront of our care, and we want you to feel empowered with knowledge and confident in the decisions made regarding your health. We believe that an informed patient is a comfortable and reassured patient, and we are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make the best choices for your health.

Eligibility and Booking Information FAQ

  1. How do I know if I am eligible?

The No ‘Out-of-pocket’ expenses surgery program is available through a number of health funds. Contact our team to check your eligibility here.

  1. How do I book an appointment?

If eligible, obtain a referral from your GP and contact our rooms to book an appointment: Book Now.

  1. What is included in the program?

The program covers several surgeries such as hip and knee replacement, ACL reconstruction and others. However, whether you are covered will depend on your health fund.

Contact our team to check your eligibility.

  1. Are all medical costs covered?

Costs associated with surgery during admission and post-surgery rehabilitation are included in this program.

If there are complications during your hospital admission that require additional care or services beyond what is included in the program, there may be additional costs.

  1. Are outpatient and rehabilitation costs covered?

Assessment at Pre-admission Clinic and rehabilitative services are included.

Join Us on Your Journey to Pain-Free Living!

For further information or to check your eligibility, please contact our team. Professor Munjed Al Muderis and his team look forward to assisting you on your path to a better life.