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Surgical Treatments

Professor Al Muderis performs a number of different surgeries, including:

Hip Surgeries

Hip Arthroscopy – Hip arthroscopy is a highly effective and minimally invasive surgical procedure that provides a clear view of your hip joint, helping to diagnose and treat various issues both inside and outside the joint. Read More

Hip Resurfacing – An innovative technique preserving bone while providing effective relief for hip arthritis, particularly suitable for younger, active patients. Read more

Hip Arthroplasty/Replacement – A surgical procedure designed to relieve pain and restore mobility by replacing a damaged or arthritic hip joint with an artificial implant, allowing for improved function and quality of life. Read more

  • Complex Primary Hip Replacement – For severe cases of hip joint deterioration, offering a long-lasting solution for improved mobility. Read more
  • Complex Revision Hip Replacement – Addresses previous hip replacement issues and provides renewed stability and function. Read more
  • Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement – A less invasive approach, reducing muscle damage and facilitating faster recovery. Read more

Knee Surgeries

High Tibial Osteotomy – A procedure that involves cutting the tibia bone to either shorten, lengthen, or realign it. Particularly beneficial for younger patients with early-stage arthritis. Read more

Knee arthroscopy – Knee arthroscopy is a highly effective and minimally invasive surgical procedure that provides a clear view of the knee joint, helping to diagnose and treat various issues both inside and outside the joint. Read more.

Below are some surgical procedures that utilise arthroscopic techniques:

  • ACL Reconstruction – Restores stability and function after an anterior cruciate ligament tear. Read more
  • ACL Reconstruction in Children – Addressing ACL injuries in young patients to ensure proper growth and function. Read more
  • Meniscus repair – repairing a torn meniscus to preserve knee health and function. Read more

Knee Arthroplasty – A surgical procedure that replaces an arthritic knee joint with an artificial joint. Read more

  • Unicompartmental Knee Replacement – Targets specific areas of knee damage, preserving healthy tissue for a more natural feel. Read more
  • Robotic Total Knee Replacement – Utilises cutting-edge technology for precision in total knee replacement, enhancing overall outcomes. Read more
  • Complex Revision Total Knee Replacement – Addresses previous knee replacement issues, restoring function and stability. Read more

Limb Reconstruction

Patient Specific Instrumentation & 3D Printing – Customised surgical guides and implants for precise and tailored procedures. Read more

Limb Realignment – This procedure precisely corrects deformities and misalignments, enhancing both function and aesthetic appearance for improved overall quality of life. Read more

Limb Lengthening – Precisely controlled bone extension to address limb length discrepancies and achieve balanced proportions. Read more

Tendon Transfer – Restores functionality by relocating tendons to optimise muscle use and joint stability. Read more

Tumour Surgery – Comprehensive approaches to the surgical management of bone and soft tissue tumours, including both benign and malignant cases. Read more

  • Megaprosthesis – A specialised surgical procedure involving the insertion of a large, custom-made implant to replace significant portions of bone lost due to trauma, tumour resection, or other severe conditions. Read more
  • Complex Bone Reconstruction – Addressing intricate cases of bone defects or deformities, complex bone reconstruction employs advanced surgical techniques, often involving grafts, implants, and specialised instrumentation. Read more


Foot and Ankle Surgery

Ankle Arthroscopy and Ligament Reconstruction – Ankle arthroscopy is an excellent, minimally invasive procedure that allows thorough visualisation of the ankle joint. Read more

Total Ankle Replacement – Total Ankle Replacement offers a long-lasting and functional solution for arthritic ankle joints, effectively restoring mobility and significantly reducing pain for improved quality of life. Read more

Ankle Transplant – In cases of severe ankle joint damage, this procedure involves replacing the damaged joint with a healthy donor ankle, restoring mobility and function. Read more

Foot Reconstruction – Comprehensive surgical solutions for complex foot deformities or injuries, aimed at restoring both form and function. Read more


Osseointegration is a remarkable procedure that involves creating a structural connection between human bone and the surface of a synthetic implant, often made of titanium. It provides a more stable and natural connection for prosthetic limbs. Read more

Fracture Fixation

Fracture Fixation employs a range of surgical techniques and specialised implants to stabilise fractures, fostering optimal alignment and facilitating efficient healing for restored function. Read more